These links go to the images for the faces of the 10 cards.
Each card should ideally include printing with the captions below.
The backs of the cards have the phone numbers as detailed on the Friendship_deck overview sheet

by therapy at the J
in Kemp Mill (neighborhood)
inside the Beltway
inside the District (of Columbia)
out in Northern Virginia

over in Kensington
right over here in Montgomery County
the Deli by Wheaton Metro
up in Baltimore
up the 270

Therapy task
The client sorts the cards based on different categorization and recognition tasks. They have printed description on them to compensate for the client's deficits in visual recognition. If the client has not completed the backs of the cards, then there is still enough information to practice different sorting tasks. The cards provide a stimulus to initiate conversation, as well.

Before therapy, you will start to build a deck
When you meet someone new in Group Therapy, ask the person where he or she lives.
Together you can find a card that describes that part of town, then fill in the parts of the person's phone number that are missing.
Some cards already have the area code and some already have the area code and the prefix.

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