Hand-outs - dialogues
..... The American-style of the Latin alphabet: Worksheets for printing American-style: block letters Posters for viewing: cursive block

Large type
Daily Lesson Plans using CASAs


activity bank - TBD civics

Pedagogy: planning a conversation, anticipating a conversation
Morphology modal "will" for future
Civics: What, who, where, how, when, why of Presidents' Day, the third Monday in February

Class 8:
today: http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-02-16
yesterday; http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-02-15
the day before yesterday: http://www.whitehouse.gov/schedule/president/2012-02-14
tomorrow's schedule is not posted on website

Class 7: review family relationships
Oxford Picture Dictorary: Lu family Reunion: food, baseball, kids behaving like adults and some not
start time and schedules
promptness: sharp, -ish, between

Class 6:
0. Review study guide -- pages 12, 15, and 32 --notes for class
.5 Present Obama's driv lic -- 3 groups.
1. Break into 4 groups – according to month of birth
Listen to CD MINUTE 22 with family relationships
p. 10 Roberts likes and Sylvia and their family

2. Mr. Obama's family:relationships narrative ; more links
Family - Divorce and Re-marriage and step-families –
Family after Divorce, Death of Spouse, Remarriage, Single Parent

Dictionary - vocabulary words - relationships
possessives - Jan's sister, etc. - new word "sibling"
plural and gender in family terms:
child : children
niece : nieces
nephew : nephews
What is an in-law? This is a productive morpheme, eg sister-in-law : sisters-in-law ; step-daughter-in-law
My family – simple chart on board (3 divorces, 3 deaths)
Possible family tree formats – may draw tree on board to fill in
How to show events on chart.
Some cultures don't know names of grand-parents: teach "unknown" or just ask the students to write in something else
Some students have forgotten the names of siblings
Need to discuss what to do with deceased siblings--we still count them?
ADD SPOTS FOR FOUR CHILDREN + 2 of their spouses.

Ask some of the easier questions to give them the idea
B. Asking questions
In your group, who has ...
1. Who has the most siblings in your group? fewest? none? equal brothers and sisters?
B. Filling out the family tree (most of class)

Class 5. Thursday, 2 Feb: President Obama gets a Maryland Driver's License when he goes to stay at Elisa's because his house
s 200-year old plumbing failed: Lesson Plan 02022012
Remember to calculate age based on [current year] - [birth year] -1 (if the birthday is after today)
Groundhog Day 2012 official video
Review /+s/, possessive and contractions, writing a driver's license, present,
Morphology, Civics, Spelling
Review Personal Information; DOB, place of birth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama
New Height and Weight for Pres. Obama per NY Times

New: Describing people
p.6 - Use colors from book and Behr paint chart
http://www.groundhog.org/ "many shadows I do see, so six more weeks of winter there will be!"

Civics: Driver's Manual nouns and verbs ending in /+s/
Spelling: Presidents' Day, President's Day

Review, Intro, Present, Practice, Eval, Application
4. Tuesday, 31 Jan: Review, Morphology, Civics | "knock, knock" jokes
Review - locate nouns and verbs in text
GRAMMAR: p.2 A, D, E,
F Mr. Obama
STAND: p.2 Introductions
spell partner's name; am/have; am from / is from
Mr. Obama was born in Chicago; lived in Illinois; is now from Washington, DC.
Barack Hussein Obama II (
; born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. (wikipedia)
use national holidays
New Pronunciation: President
counting days of week, months
Civics - Who is our president; calendar use national holidays | state holidays for Maryland
Spelling: brother's, brothers', Gross' & Gross's
Pedagogy: interrogative practice via singing, tapping

3. Thurday, 26 Jan Review, Testing, | alphabet - Spell name of classmate over the phone | translate from British to American
Class: newspaper - divide into 5 groups for to ID +s into noun and verb
Pedagogy: observations
syntax: noun, verb
Morphology: +s for possessive
Culture: National and religoius holidays
New pronunciation: texts, Santa Monica, Wheaton, Silver Spring, Glenmont, library, Constitution, census
From Class CD

2. Tuesday, 24 Jan -- Review, Pedagogy, New Pronunciation, Homework, Morphology, Phonology, Spelling, Dictation | alphabet - Spell own name
Review: filling in a form
............{ Masculine, Feminine } gender; Spanish; Peru ≠ Perú ; today's date next to signature! what is a course code; checkmarks; yes/no

............ pronunciation: January, February (4 syllables)

Pedagogy: learning styles--hear, see, do, think for "the cow" drawing, pantomine, related words
New pronunciation: Geography, Cartography, geographer, cartographer
Answers to Homework:
Morphology: +s as marker for III singular, present tense; +s for plural
Phonology: [s], [z], [Iz] depending on feel/sound/voicing of previous phoneme
Spelling: "s", "es"
Unfinished review:
............ Formal and informal greetings: I, you, s/he
............ verb conjugations:have/has, come/comes; asking questions: Do you? Did you?
............ vocab: aunt, same color, same month

Civics of Census http://2010.census.gov/2010census/
The US Constitution requires a census every 10 years.

1. 19 Jan -- Icebreaker, 2 forms to fill out; introduce text book | Greetings
...................................MC form in pen, LEF in pencil
Unit I Introductions / verb conjugation I, III
Civics: Providing personal information: sex, dates, last name, ethnicity, race, ID, 10-digit phone number, state=MD ; sample forms, filled out.
Classwork: page 8 a, b, c
Homework: page 9 d, e
Instructor: P3, 3, 4, 6, 7

0. 17 Jan -- Assignment night: Students find teacher and room number; teachers discuss JFK policies; teachers meet Jeanette, Patricia, and Dora.

60 hours of class contact, including 1+ field trips
Stand Out 1 Grammar Challenge by Jenkins, Sabbagh $12 used (2007) mine is 2009
Introductions: pages P2 -14
Work: pages
Community: 58 - 70
Health: 72 -84

JFK Site Mentor: Jeanette.Rojas@montgomerycollege.edu
Dates of class: Tues/Thurs.....NO CLASS 3/13, 3/15, & 4/3.....Our last day is April 19th.
Course CV002 36486 ESOL: CIVICS BEG II 1900-2130 2700-919041-5102-0010 $238.50 for paperwork deadlines
Instructor: Michelle Gross, Room 206

Melissa.Zervos Instructional Support Trainer/Specialist; Alex.Galen ESOL Coordinator; Ina.Wolf GED
Nadine.Halyes Admin Aide; Elba.Otero Clerical Aide
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